MAVİ YEŞİL is a Sakarya based company. With national and international experience and our world class partners and supply chain companies our company is providing services system components and state-of- the-art production and solutions.


MAVİ YEŞİL aims to be a globally active and powerful factor in renewable energy sector, and provide a wide range of services for a new and more environment friendly World.


In accordance with respect to human, environment and society which are among our organizational values;

Within this content, it is aimed;

  • Applying an efficient “Environmental Management System” which identifies monitoring the environmental performance with the responsibility, aim and targets,


  • Enhancing continuously by using innovative and creative approaches,


  • Sustaining our activities in compliance with the national standards, international regulations and expectations of our stakeholders,


  • Increasing environmental awareness of our employees and stakeholders are our main responsibility.
  • to protect global resources; providing productive use of energy and material


  • to prevent the pollution and minimizing the wastes,


  • to decrease negative environmental effects for all processes from the design phase of our activities and products till the end of their lifecycles.

These principles will be our guide in production, marketing, sale, product development and investment processes and in relation with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.


MAVİ YEŞİL SAKARYA YENİLENEBİLİR ENERJİ SİST.SAN.VE TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. which provides environment friendly renewable energy systems mechanical parts and structural construction service, handles Environmental Management System and Quality Management System together and improves continuously.


All processes are planned by taking into consideration the institution’s stakeholders; customers, providers, shareholders, government agencies, neighbours, society and environment.


Customer satisfaction, health care and participation of the employees (including temporary activities and employees of subcontractors), environmental awareness, sustainability of competitiveness and providing the productivity is aimed on the system design.


The Company applies the “Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Systems” in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Systems are regularly revised and updated according to the revisions of these standards.

By combining the national and international experiences our company was established in Sakarya for the etude of industrial and energy plants, and for the implementation and applications of the projects.


With our partners and Supplier chain company’s we have completed


Industrial plants full project designing


Renewable energy systems full project designing


Project process services


Structural construction manufacturing (industrial facility works, sosial facility works, housing , energy power plants etc.


Mechanic construction manufacturing (railway vehicle, conveyors, tracker etc.


Specific facility constructions (factories, technic buildings, housing, social facility buildings, energy houses)


Energy power houses

(solar energy and wind energy plants)


Mechanic and structural montage works

Our company is providing services and has been contracted in these fields.

Our experimental team inside the country and around the world like Europe, Middle East, Russia and African countries providing their services.


From project initializing to, import, installation and till the time of completion our company maintain everything with great accuracy and coordination.

Our mission is to find solutions and advantages for humanity in this continuously developing era of life style and technology.




MAVİ YEŞİL SAKARYA YENİLENEBİLİR ENERJİ.SİS.SAN.VE TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. Accommodate PV solar panels from DAQO NEW ENERGY. MAVİ YEŞİL is an official distributer of DAQO NEW ENERGY in Turkey which is one of the best knowing and specialize company in the international market.


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